De prison Dog was een hond gebruikt om de sleutel te bewaken in Port Royal gevangenis in Fort Charles . Hij was zeer loyaal aan de gevangenbewaarders, en werd niet afgeleiden door gevangenen 'in pogingen om sleutels te stelen, maar werd door Pintel meegenomen. Hij wordt meestal aangeduid als "de hond met de sleutels", en werd ook Poochie genoemd door Pintel.


Port Royal PrisonEdit


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This dog served at the prisons around the time of Jack Sparrow's incarceration, and later gained a bone which prisoners were known to use to try and lure him over with the prison keys. This tactic was often employed to no avail, as the dog appeared to be highly intelligent and devoted to his duty.





When Pintel and Ragetti were held in the prisons following the battle at Isla de Muerta, Pintel used a trick that allowed him to gain possession of both the keys and the dog, who accompanied them to Pelegosto Island. There, the dog was left behind by the crew of the Black Pearl, though the Pelegostos made him their new chief. It was customary for the Pelegostos to consume the flesh of their chiefs, in the belief that it would release their divine spirit from its fleshy prison.

Escape to Shipwreck CoveEdit



The Prison Dog somehow managed to avoid this grisly fate, and joined the Brethren Court at Shipwreck Cove, where he provided Captain Teague with the key to the Pirata Codex. Pintel and Ragetti were baffled as to how the dog could have escaped the island, though Teague's only explanation was that it escaped with the help of "sea turtles"—an excuse commonly favored by his son. The pirates appeared satisfied with this answer.

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