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Events in the year 1631 relating to Pirates of the Caribbean.

Known DatesEdit

  • June 23: Baltimore, Ireland is sacked by pirates
  • December 8: The Taj Mahal's construction begins

Unknown DatesEdit

  • The Black Pearl was sighted off of Falaise De Fleur.
  • Nathaniel Hawk returns to Governor Robert Silehard with a new lead on traitor Rhal Rheims.
  • Rhal Rheims is double crossed and then stabbed by Royale Agent turned rouge, Danielle Greene.
  • Khael-Roa opens up, nobody arrives in time.
  • Nathaniel Hawk tracks Danielle Greene down to Isla Muelle.
  • Nathaniel Hawk officially resigns as Robert Silhard's privateer, a small skirmish ensues.
  • Nathaniel captures the frigate HMS Serpant while trying to escape the English port of Greenford.
  • The Great Hurricane of 1631 swipes over the Caribbean washing Nathaniel Hawk up on the Dutch island of Bonaire.
  • Nathaniel Hawk becomes captain of a corvette after killing its captain.
  • Nathaniel Hawk becomes labeled as a Buccaneer and gets his first bounty placed upon his his head.
  • Nathaniel Hawk reunites with his crew and Danielle on Isla Muele.
  • Nathaniel and his fleet of four attack on Greenford after discovering of Clement Aurentius' imprisonment
  • Nathaniel Hawk and his small flotilla intercept the English invasion force sent to liberate Greenford
  • Nathaniel Hawk, Danielle Greene, and Clement set out on their expedition to Kael Roa
  • Governor Robert Silhard and his fleet are destroyed by Nathaniel which results in the Governor's death
  • Kael Roa opens up and Nathaniel Hawk goes inside followed by the island's destruction and the sinking of the Black Pearl

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