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A group of pirates in the Golden Age of Piracy.

"You command in the Age of Piracy, where bold captains sail free waters, where waves are not measured in feet but as increments of fear, and those who pass the test become legend. Would you have that era come to an end on your watch?"
Elizabeth Swann to Sao Feng[src]

The Golden Age of Piracy, sometimes referred to as the Age of Piracy or Age of Pirates, was the name given to the era in which pirates were free to sail the waters, unhindered and free to pillage and plunder at their will. It was the peak of their power, they were able to set up the Brethren Court, and powerful individuals known for their cruelty and daring exploits were given power over the Seven Seas.


"There was a time when the seas were untamed, the world a rougher place, and a sailor made his own fate. I aim to bring it back. But for that, I need the Brethren Court. All the Court."
Hector Barbossa to Sao Feng[src]

Jack Sparrow, the most notorious pirate captain during the Age of Piracy.

According to Elizabeth Swann, the Age of Piracy was marked by a pirate's ability to sail "free waters", possibly indicating this era began with the binding of Calypso by the First Brethren Court, freeing the Seven Seas from her control. Other sources say that it began roughly around 1700, almost exactly where the Renaissance ended.[1]

This age was notable for its many legendary figures, supernatural creatures and ships, and almost impossible battles and adventures, including the Battle of Calypso's maelstrom, the Black Pearl, the Flying Dutchman, cursed crews, undead skeletons, ghostly fleets, the Kraken, Calypso, Davy Jones, Henry Morgan, Blackbeard, James Sterling, Bartholomew Roberts, Mary Read, Jolly Roger and Pirate Lords such as Jack Sparrow, Hector Barbossa and Sao Feng.

Sir Thomas Faye believed that the Age of Piracy was coming to a close with the ascent of Lord Cutler Beckett and the East India Trading Company.[2] His death presumably ensured the continuation of this era.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

"In any case - with Calypso tamed, so the seas were tamed, and so began the Age of Piracy."
Sao Feng[src] (original screenplay draft)
  • In real-world history, the Golden Age of Piracy began at 1650s and ended at 1730s.



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Notes and references[]

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