"And for these crimes, you have been sentenced, on this day, to be hanged by the neck until dead."
"Define 'dead'. Where did you get all that?"
"The crimes of Captain Sparrow are notorious. Among our many sources, we have a detailed account of your recent criminal activities in the town of Port Royal.
―Alberto Chaves and Jack Sparrow[src]

Alberto Chaves was one-third of the partnership known as the Chaves Brothers, alongside Benito and Celio Chaves.

Biography Edit

A Portugese soldier, Alberto served in the Spanish Army with his brothers, and was present at the hanging of Jack Sparrow and Will Turner at Fort Alvo Grande in Panama. It was Alberto who read out the list of crimes that Jack had commited, and allowed the two a chance to explain their actions. The brothers listened patiently to Jack's tales, but were thrown off guard when Elizabeth Swann arrived to free them.

Alberto attacked the fugitives using his Thousand Strike Spin, but was defeated despite the arrival of his brothers.



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