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"Witty Jack, meet Alex. My zombie."
Tia Dalma to Jack Sparrow[src]

Alex was a human-turned-zombie who had sailed with such legendary beings like the Shadow Lord and Jack Sparrow. While he was alive, Alex had sailed with the Shadow Lord, having even written his biography. Some time after his death, Alex was resurrected by the mystic Tia Dalma. Alex participated in the quest for the Shadow Gold, as an expert on the Shadow Lord.


Human lifeEdit

"Alex, him once sailed with the Shadow Lord. Him know more about the Shadow Lord than any man alive."
Tia Dalma[src]

Not much is known on Alex's life except that he once sailed with Henry Morgan before he became the "Shadow Lord" and gained supernatural powers.[2] As his personal barber, Alex was present during all of Morgan's underhanded victories and barbarous deeds. During their time together, Alex learned so much from the Shadow Lord, having even wrote his biography, that he knew more about him than any man alive. Alex later died of unknown circumstances, and his body later fell into the hands of Tia Dalma.

Zombie lifeEdit

"Alex, I hope you know how to row."
Jack Sparrow to Alex[src]

At some point, Tia Dalma had resurrected Alex as a zombie. Because of his past with the Shadow Lord, she knew Alex was the only one who could steal the Shadow Gold for her. Once he managed to do this, Tia kept one of the vials in her possession and instructed Alex to take the other six to the strongest Pirate Lord. However, being a not-so-clever zombie, Alex misunderstood Tia's request and gave the vials to more than one of the Lords.

Because of Alex's mistake, Tia Dalma gave Jack Sparrow the task to go pursuing the Pirate Lords for the vials of Shadow Gold. Tia also insisted that Alex join Jack and his crew aboard the Black Pearl, as an expert on the Shadow Lord, to go on the quest to find all the Shadow Gold, so he can be her eyes and ears on the situation. She explains to Jack that he was a barber surgeon once and might prove useful on the trip.

Physical appearance and traitsEdit

As a human, Alex had brown eyes. When Alex was resurrected as a zombie, his eyes became filmed over and clouded, staring fixedly into space. Whenever he walked, bits of skin and flesh would drop off him.


Notes and referencesEdit

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