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The sword favored by Angelica was a well-polished rapier. Although she mainly had it in her scabbard, she fought many foes with this blade.


At some point of her life, Angelica attained this sword by unknown means. By the time of the quest for the Fountain of Youth, Angelica was seen using this sword in several battles, particularly during Jack Sparrow's mutiny on the Queen Anne's Revenge, where she used it to face many mutinious pirate crewmen at one time. She would keep the sword on her person for the rest of the journey through the island where the Fountain was located. This sword was last seen as Angelica used it during the battle of the Fountain of Youth, where she fought against some of Hector Barbossa's crewmen and confronted Jack Sparrow. Its further fate is unknown.

Design and usageEdit

Angelica's sword was a well-polished rapier and had a clam-shell design in the wristguard.[1]



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