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"You are really familiar with our brotherhood. I still don't know when and how you joined us, but for now it doesn't matter. The ritual will start soon. We need to get to the cave. I'm sure you won't object to escorting me and several local people to the temple."
―The Teacher to Nathaniel Hawk[src]

This individual was a mysterious figure belonging to an animist cult which operated in the South Caribbean archipelago in the 1630s.


Like many of his fellow animists, this man was only referred to as "The Teacher". The Teacher was instrumental in recruiting followers - often young men - to his cult, such as the Isla Muelle town smith's son Jordano. When the smith searched for his son, he went to the Teacher's residence, but was subsequently found fleeing the house in a panic, drowning in the pier later that night after getting intoxicated.

The Teacher was eventually arrested and imprisoned in Greenford, Oxbay, after he incited his disciples to rebel. Before he was executed, the English captain Nathaniel Hawk, who pretended to be one of the animists, convinced the warden to release him. Nathaniel brought with him the animist medallion, which assured the Teacher that he was part of the order. Nathaniel intended to bring the Teacher with him to find out where their headquarters was. In reality, Nathaniel intended to bring down the cult.

The Teacher sailed on Nathaniel's ship and revealed to him the location of their headquarters in the nearby island of Oyster Beach. When Nathaniel learned of this, he revealed to the Teacher his true intentions, and slew him.

Personality and traits[]

"What's death to me! It will release me to take my seat beside my master!"
"Okay, so you're not afraid of death. How does life in this cell suit you?"
―Nathaniel interrogates the Teacher[src]

The Teacher, also referred to as the Mystery Man, possessed great charisma and an unyielding loyalty to his cause. He managed to easily sway young townsfolk into his order with his rhetoric, and even frightened the father of one of his disciples. However, he was not careful enough to avoid suspicion by the authorities and, after inciting a rebellion, was imprisoned. He did not seem to possess the cunning and secrecy of his master, the Dark Teacher, but claimed to not fear death.