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The Antilles Gate was a mysterious place located somewhere in the Caribbean Sea. Composed only of giant reefs, this part of the sea was haunted by the fleet of ghost ships known as the Armada of the Damned.

History Edit

Mystery surrounds the history of this terrifying place. Since the Spanish discovery of the Americas, many ships have found their demise on the reefs of the Antilles Gate. However, those who died in this cursed place wouldn't stay dead for long, because they would become the undead mariners of the infamous Armada of the Damned.

At some point during the Age of Piracy, the notorious pirate captain James Sterling came to the Antilles Gate, where he witnessed a battle and destruction of two ships. While he was investigating the ghostly wrecks on the reefs, he was attacked by the undead crewmen of the Armada. At the same time, the Armada's ships and one Spanish Royal Navy ship of the line fired at him.

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