Anton Lesser (born February 14, 1952) is a British actor. He portrayed John Carteret in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. He attended Moseley Grammar School and the University of Liverpool before going to RADA in 1977 where he was awarded the Bancroft Gold Medal as the most promising actor of his year.


As an Associate Artist with the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) he has played a considerable number of Shakespeare's great roles, including Troilus (Troilus and Cressida), Edgar (King Lear), Petruchio, Romeo, Henry Bolingbroke, Brutus (Julius Caesar), Leontes (Winter's Tale), and Richard III.

He is a frequent radio contributor, has starred in the BBC Radio adaptations of the first five Falco mysteries by Lindsey Davis and has recorded many audio books - including much of the work of Charles Dickens - his recording of Great Expectations won him a Talkie Award. Other books range from John Milton's Paradise Lost and Homer to contemporary novels by Robert Harris (Fatherland) and Philip Pullman. Anton lives in Warwickshire with his wife Madeleine and two children- his son, Harry, and daughter Lily.

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