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Around the late 17th century,[1]killed by Armando Salazar


Armando Salazar's grandfather (father)
Armando Salazar's mother (wife)
Armando Salazar (son)




Spanish Royal Navy
Salazar family

Behind the scenes
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Dead Men Tell No Tales (Mentioned only)

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Dead Men Tell No Tales (Mentioned only)




"You know my father was an admiral—and a traitor. He patrolled these very waters, took bribes from pirates—gold and silver—allowed them to sail with impunity!"
Armando Salazar[src]

This man was an admiral of the Spanish Royal Navy and the father of Captain Armando Salazar.


"He was arrested when I was a boy, and soon after, they came to our house and took my mother away, dragged her to a workhouse. The wife of a traitor must pay for his sins."
Armando Salazar[src]

A man of Spanish origin, son of an unnamed man and his wife, at some point in his life he had a son named Armando Salazar. At some unspecified moment, he joined the Spanish Royal Navy, rising through the ranks until he became an admiral. His high station wasn't enough for him, though, because while he was patrolling through the waters of the Caribbean Sea, he allowed himself to be bribed by the same outlaws he was supposed to bring to justice. Pirates gave him gold and silver and in exchange he allowed them to sail with impunity. The admiral's criminal activities were eventually discovered by the Spanish authorities and he was arrested for treason. His wife was dragged to a workhouse where she died some time later. The admiral was released from prison a year after his wife's death, but when he returned home his son greeted him with a knife, killing him.[2]

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