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Dead Man's Chest

"The map is finished, sir."
"...Just the way I imagined it.
―Artisan and Cutler Beckett[src] (deleted scene)

This Artisan was a man employed by the East India Trading Company to paint a map of the world in Lord Cutler Beckett's office when he set up residency in Port Royal.


Filling the map

The artisan painting the world map.

By 1729, this man was already working for the East India Trading Company. By the time of Lord Cutler Beckett's arrival to Port Royal, this man was required to paint a world map in Beckett's office. He had to make daily changes to the map as ships brought reports of the Company's growing power and new discoveries across the Seven Seas. As of Beckett's deal with William Turner, the countries of the map were filled in, though most ports and towns remained blank.[1]

By the time Beckett assumed control of the Flying Dutchman, the artisan told Beckett of the map's completion.[2] His further fate is unknown.

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