"At Wit's End" is a musical theme composed and conducted by Hans Zimmer for Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. It appears as track three on the film's soundtrack, at 8:05 in length.

Track descriptionEdit

The track introduces the film's love theme, which builds until its grand statement preceeded by a choir (03:07). Militaristic drumrolls precede a refrain of the music box from "Davy Jones" (04:04), with the love theme in the background, followed by a slower, darker, and more grandiose version of Jones' theme (05:19). A secondary version of the love theme plays, followed by an heroic version of the primary rendition (07:30).

It accompanies the action set at World's End, from which the track draws its name.

An excerpt from this track can be heard as the in On Stranger Tides.

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