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Battle in Teague's mansion


Ambush in Marseilles

Attack on King Samuel's fortress

Quest for the Shadow Gold


Late 1710s[1]




Decisive pirate victory. Death of King Samuel.


Sparrow flag.png

Jack Sparrow's crew

Bartholomew flag.png

Jocard's crew
King Samuel's pirates

Jack Sparrow
Gentleman Jocard

King Samuel


Black Pearl

King Samuel's fort




The Attack on King Samuel's fortress was an attempt of of joint pirate crews of Jack Sparrow and Gentleman Jocard to destroy King Samuel, the cruel Pirate Lord who was engaged in slave-trading.


The Quest for Shadow Gold[]

When Jack Sparrow, trying to overcome his shadow sickness, they came to the pirate Utopia of Libertalia. It was there Jack and his crew heard of King Samuel, the then-Pirate Lord of the Alantic. Jack also meet up with his old crewmate Gombo, now rechristened Gentleman Jocard with his fiancée Teresa. All pirates in Libertalia heard and hated King Samuel. Samuel, a large African pirate that spoke in the third person, would participate in the slave trade. Jack also heard that King Samuel had a vial of Shadow Gold, the cure to his curse. So Jack, his crew and Gombo and his fiancée go off to stop King Samuel.

The Huntingtons[]

Jack Sparrow was then being sought after by the Huntingtons, a couple employed in the East India Trading Company. After losing to Jack twice, they plan to trap Jack at King Samuel's Fortress, by making an alliance with King Samuel.

The Battle[]

When Jack and his friends finally reached the fortress, Jack got separated from his crew. While Jack's crew, lead by Barbossa, ran through the kitchens trying to kill Samuel. Jack gets separated from his crew while confronting Benedict Huntington and a huge gorilla.

When the crew finally reached King Samuel, it was revealed Teresa was Samuel's sister and planned to foil their plans. Luckily, Catastrophe Shane, the misshapened pirate, was able to distract Samuel's men by charging on a zebra.

The outcome was Jocard overthrowing the fake king and claiming his title as the Pirate Lord of the Atlantic. He took his Piece of Eight and took his vial of Shadow Gold and gave it to Jack. The two pirates and their crew decided to join forces and find the next vial of Shadow Gold.


Notes and references[]

  1. The timeline established in On Stranger Tides (which takes place in 1750) and Dead Men Tell No Tales (which takes place in 1751) sets the events of Pirates of the Caribbean: Legends of the Brethren Court between 1716 and 1717. However, the exact placement still has to be officially confirmed by The Walt Disney Company.