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Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is pure conjecture. Please see the reasons for this title in the "[[::Attack on Sri Sumbhajee's palace#Behind_the_scenes|Behind the scenes]]" section below, and/or the relevant discussion on the talk page.

The Attack on Sri Sumbhajee's palace was an attempt of the East India Trading Company to destroy the Pirate Lord Sumbhajee Angria.

Quest for Shadow Gold[]

On a mission to cure himself of a mysterious "shadow sickness", Jack Sparrow leads his crew all the way to India. Jack's mission was to retrieve Shadow Gold, a magical liquid that was held by a few Pirate Lords, so he could drink it and cure himself from his new curse. The crew are greeted by the Pirate Lord of the Indian Ocean, Sri Sumbhajee, and allowed to stay at his hidden fortress. Sumbhajee's palace was unique in design, hiding behind a cliff of moveable rocks due to a mass series of ropes. Although the pirates think its impregnable, a East India Trading Company fleet barges through the walls. By receiving a tip from an unwise crew member of the the Black Pearl, Benedict Huntington and his wife, Barbara, lead their fleet to the pirate domain.

The pirates' response[]

Sri Sumbhajee orders his men to rally against the attack and Jack and his crew storm into battle with them. While the two forces clashed, Jack Sparrow dashed towards the kitchens. Taking the biggest pot of curry he could find, he then rushed to the elephant stables. After putting the curry in the elephant's trough, Jack stepped back and watched as the elephant panicked after eating the spicy food and stampeded towards the water to cool off. Benedict's milita below retreated back to the ships. Under threat of of being burned alive, the Company men followed Sumbhajee's orders to leave and never come back.

At the end of the battle, Jack confronted Sri Sumbhajee and demanded he give him his vial of Shadow Gold, which momentary cured Jack. Feeling better, Jack left Sri Sumbhajee and sailed off toward their next destination; Madagascar.


Notes and references[]

  1. The timeline established in On Stranger Tides (which takes place in 1750) and Dead Men Tell No Tales (which takes place in 1751) sets the events of Pirates of the Caribbean: Legends of the Brethren Court between 1716 and 1717. However, the exact placement still has to be officially confirmed by The Walt Disney Company.