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"How shall we do this? Rush in with guns a-blazing, eh? Load the cannons, fire at will? A hand-to-hand-combat free-for-all?"
"Typical Barbossa. Always trying to use blunt force when a little cunning and stealth would do the trick.
Hector Barbossa and Jack Sparrow[src]

The Attack on the Spanish galleon was an attack of Jack Sparrow's pirate crew on a Spanish galleon in the Caribbean. The goal of the pirate attack was the liberation of Princess Carolina, who was imprisoned on the Spanish ship, but aside from saving a pretty young lady, Jack Sparrow also wanted to steal several chests of Spanish gold which were onboard the ship. After a quick fight, the battle ended with the complete pirate victory. After they looted the Spanish ship, the crew of the Black Pearl sailed for New Orleans.


Notes and references[]

  1. The timeline established in On Stranger Tides (which takes place in 1750) and Dead Men Tell No Tales (which takes place in 1751) sets the events of Pirates of the Caribbean: Legends of the Brethren Court between 1716 and 1717. However, the exact placement still has to be officially confirmed by The Walt Disney Company.
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