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"New Holland? Is Old Holland anywhere near Shanghai? Maybe he just got confused. Anyway, it could be worse. We could have veered off to Australia."
"You dolt! New Holland is Australia!
Jack Sparrow and Hector Barbossa[src]

Australia, also known as New Holland, was the continent to the bottom right of Asia.


The continent was discovered in 1616 by the Dutch explorer Dirk Hartog. Further voyages by Dutch ships explored the north coast of Australia between 1623 and 1636. In 1642, Abel Tasman sailed from Mauritius and on 24 November, sighted Tasmania, before discovering New Zealand and Fiji, and visiting New Guinea en route to Batavia. He named Tasmania Van Diemen's Land, after Anthony van Diemen, the Dutch East India Company's Governor General at Batavia, who had commissioned his voyage.

Tasman claimed Van Diemen's Land for Holland. In 1644 he made a second voyage, on which he mapped the north coast of Australia from Cape York westward. William Dampier, a former pirate, was the first Englishman to see Australia. He explored the north-west coast of Australia in 1688. He made another voyage in 1699, before returning to England.

The notorious pirate ship the Black Pearl sailed past the islands north of Australia during Jack Sparrow's search for the Shadow Gold. They were steered there by accident but it ended up well because they ran into the Empress, captained by the Chinese pirate Sao Feng, who knew where to find the Gold. While they were off the coast of Australia, they went for a brief search for the Deep Sea Opal.[1]

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