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Bo'sun holds the idol.

"These Aztec blokes sure did have a thing for skulls, eh, Bosun?"
"Aye! They were a savage bunch, Ragetti, it's true! But they had a tremendous power...Power that gave us this terrible curse! Power that created the golden idol we seek in this very temple. Tonight the power of that idol will be ours, mates!
Ragetti and Bo'sun[src]

The Aztec Idol, sometimes referred to as the golden idol or just the idol, was a skull-shaped golden idol that had magical properties.


"Well, blow me down! The legends are true—there it is!"
"Hey, the idol is a skull, too! Go figure!
Bo'sun and Ragetti[src]

Not much is known of the Aztec idol, other than it had the power to make oneself invincible. It was located in Mexico, within the ruins of a temple of the Empire of the Aztecs, crushed by Spain's armies. In the mid-18th century, the cursed crew, led by Bo'sun, Ragetti and Pintel, went inside this Aztec temple searching for the magical idol, followed swiftly by Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner, who were also searching for the idol.[1]

The cursed pirates beat Will and Elizabeth to the idol, so they spring into action. Elizabeth goes after the idol while Will distracted the pirates. Unfortunately, Elizabeth gets caught by the pirates as Ragetti tried to grab the idol, only to discover the idol is booby-trapped; anyone who tried to grab it has their hand crushed. Will manages to figure out how the trap works and a way around it. Bo'sun grabbed the idol and its power began to work on him, until Jack Sparrow swung in, knocking over Bo'sun, who drops the idol. Jack catches the idol; Will and Elizabeth take advantage of the distraction to escape from their captors.[1]

After being chased by the cursed pirates, Jack, Will and Elizabeth were able to escape from the pirates and causing damage to their ship from aboard the Black Pearl. As the Pearl sailed away, Will asked Jack what he intended to do with the idol, Jack said that he would melt it down into gold and spend it in as many different towns as possible.[1]



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