Beckett&Will office

Cutler Beckett advised Will Turner to make a bargain with Jack Sparrow.

"Now, that sounds like a plan you'd come up with. You couldn't trust Beckett to keep that bargain even if you shook on it; he certainly won't if you've already given him what he wants."
Jack Sparrow to Will Turner[src]

Bargaining or haggling is a type of negotiation in which the buyer and seller of a good or service dispute the price which will be paid and the exact nature of the transaction that will take place, and eventually come to an agreement. Optimally, if it costs the retailer nothing to engage and allow bargaining, he can divine the buyer's willingness to spend. A bargain is an agreement between parties concerning the sale of property; or a contract by which one party binds himself to transfer the right to some property for a consideration, and the other party binds himself to receive the property and pay the consideration.


Barbossa threatens Jack

Jack Sparrow attempts to make a bargain with Hector Barbossa.

"You drive a hard bargain, Captain Sparrow. If I win, what do I get?"
"My undying admiration?"
"I already have that, Jack.
Esmeralda and Jack Sparrow[src]

When Elizabeth Swann was brought aboard the Black Pearl to "Parlay" with Hector Barbossa, during the attack on Port Royal, she used the Gold Medallion to strike a bargain. Her threat to drop it overboard makes the captain cooperate, but she soon finds out she was foolish to trust him. Barbossa sails away, with Elizabeth still on board.[1] Later, speaking of Jack Sparrow's quest for the Pearl, Joshamee Gibbs would tell Jack that Barbossa's "not a man to suffer fools, nor strike a bargain with one", in which Jack claimed to not be a fool.[2]

By the search for the Dead Man's Chest, Jack Sparrow knew more than a bit about Davy Jones's love for a good bargain.[3] Thirteen years prior, Jack made a deal with Jones to raise the Black Pearl from the depths, in exchange for 100 years of servitude aboard the Flying Dutchman. While trying to settle his debt, Jack made several more bargains: one with Will Turner, and one with Davy Jones himself. Will Turner, who had previously struck a bargain with Lord Cutler Beckett in finding Jack's compass,[4][5] agreed to help Jack find the Key to the Dead Man's Chest.[6] In his one chance to bargain with Davy Jones, Jack Sparrow had agreed to collect 100 human souls in just three days, with Will Turner used as a "good faith payment" which left Jack with 99 more to go.[4] If Jack succeeded, he will be a free man once more. If he failed, he faced a life of slavery, serving Jones on the Flying Dutchman.[7]

Before embarking on the voyage to rescue Jack Sparrow from the Land of the Dead, Will Turner made a bargain, in which Turner gets the Black Pearl so he could free his father, Bootstrap Bill. However, Sao Feng turned on Will after dealing with the East India Trading Company, though Feng himself was betrayed.[8] Having remembered all too clearly the bargain he had struck with Will Turner,[5] Cutler Beckett then bargained with Jack, who had the compass, though Jack was not so eager to bargain. Simultaneously, Barbossa made a bargain with Sao Feng to escape EITC imprisonment. Later, to accomplish his own end, Will Turner bargained with both Beckett and Davy Jones in leading them to Shipwreck Cove.[8]



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