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This article is about the fishing boat. You may be looking for the magically transformed warship Grand Barnacle.

"This small fishing vessel was the first ship Jack Sparrow captained."

The Barnacle was a fishing boat used by Captain Jack Sparrow and his crew during the quest for the Sword of Cortés. They continued to use it in their further adventures.


Voyages around the Caribbean[]

"I know the perfect boat to use. An old, abandoned one in Salty Cove."
Arabella Smith to Jack Sparrow[src]

The Barnacle was left abandoned at Salty Cove, and it was here that Arabella Smith led Jack Sparrow during one of his earliest adventures. Fitzwilliam P. Dalton III joined the crew, who journeyed in the Barnacle to Isla Esquelética. There, Jean, Constance and Tumen joined, and helped locate Stone-Eyed Sam's lost city.

Jack Sparrow on the Barnacle.

The crew of the Barnacle later fell under the spell of the Sirens, each swayed by their heart's desire, except for Jack, who traveled to Isla Sirena to negotiate with the mermaids and save his crew. Following this adventure and the discovery of the Sword of Cortés, the spirit of Hernán Cortés transformed the Barnacle into a mighty warship, imbued with the power of the sword. The so-called Grand Barnacle sank a British warship and conveyed Jack to a second meeting with the merfolk. It was ultimately reverted when the spirit of Cortés was defeated.

Jack later used the Barnacle during his search for the Sun-and-Stars medallion. During that adventure, the Barnacle around the Gulf of Mexico and New Orleans. After that, Jack and Fitzwilliam were left as the Barnacle's only crew.


"Now, 'Captain'. Please, vacate this ship. It is the property of the East India Trading Company."
"Over my dead body.
Fitzwilliam P. Dalton III and Jack Sparrow[src]

During his escape from the British Royal Navy, Jack reclaimed the Barnacle from a traitorous Fitzwilliam, but it was later destroyed by a blast of cannonfire meant for Edward Teague's ship, the Misty Lady the boat's destruction causing Jack great grief.

Design and appearance[]

The Barnacle.

"What in the Seven Seas could you possibly want this piece of pawnshop trash for?"
"Trash? The only trash I see here are two little boys lost at sea and a pathetic excuse for a seaworthy vessel!"
"Hold it there, mate. This is
my pathetic excuse for a seaworthy vessel, and you're standing aboard it, so you might want to show it, and me, her captain, some respect."
Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones[src]

The Barnacle appeared to be little more than a fancy fishing vessel, though it was well maintained even when left abandoned. The name of the ship was painted in gaudy lettering across its stern. When Arabella Smith happened upon the vessel at Salty Cove, six rapiers had been stowed aboard in a chest.

Behind the scenes[]

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