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"That chest must be worth more than a shiny penny."
"Oh! Tsk-tsk-tsk. Terrible temptation"
"If we was any kind of decent, we'd remove temptation from their path.
Pintel and Ragetti[src]

The Battle of Isla Cruces was a skirmish between the landing parties from the Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman during Jack Sparrow's attempt to steal the Dead Man's Chest.


Finding the Chest[]

"Guard the boat. Mind the tide...Don't touch my dirt."
Jack Sparrow to Pintel and Ragetti.[src]

Jack Sparrow, aboard the Black Pearl arrived at the Isla Cruces. Jack was accompanied by Pintel, Ragetti, Elizabeth Swann, and James Norrington. When the Black Pearl first arrived, Jack's black spot reappeared on his hand, calling the Kraken.

With Pintel and Ragetti stayed behind to watch the longboat, Sparrow, Swann, and Norrington headed off to find the Dead Man's Chest with Elizabeth using Jack Sparrow's compass. The chest was located and dug up from the beach.

Davy Jones arrived on the Flying Dutchman near the Isla Cruces, and sent his crew to go fetch the Dead Man's Chest, since he could not step on land until the end of the decade. Pintel and Ragetti witnessed the Flying Dutchman submerge itself underwater, and the two went off running to where the others went off to.

Fight for the Key[]


"How'd this go all screwy?"
"Well, each wants the chest for hisself, don't he? Mr. Norrington, I think, is trying to regain a bit of honor. Ol' Jack's looking to trade it, save his own skin. And Turner there, I think he's trying to settle some unresolved business twixt him and his twice-cursed pirate father.
Pintel and Ragetti about the betrayals.[src]

The duel begins.

With the chest dug up, Sparrow, Swann, and Norrington put their ears to the chest to see if the chest was really what Jack told them it was. They heard Davy Jones heart beat within the chest. Norrington couldn't believe it, who thought Jack was a liar. Will Turner showed up on the beach shore, claiming Norrington had good reason.

Will revealed that it was Jack who got Will stuck on the Flying Dutchman, and explained to everyone that his father still lives. Will then pulled the key to the chest out, which he had stolen from Davy Jones while Jones was sleeping. As Will was getting ready to stab the heart, Sparrow pulled his sword out and threatened Will. If Jones was slain, no one could call off the Kraken. Will then stole Elizabeth's sword, and told Jack he was going to free his father by stabbing the heart. Norrington then pulled out his sword, claiming that if he took the heart to the East India Trading Company, he would get his life back. Norrington then threw the first swing at Jack.

Duel for the Key[]

"Do excuse me while I kill the man who ruined my life."
"Be my guest."
"Let us examine that claim for a moment, former Commodore, shall we? Who was it that, at the very moment you had a notorious pirate safely behind bars, saw fit to free said pirate and take your dearly beloved all to himself, eh? So whose fault is it really that you've ended up a rum-pot deckhand what takes orders from pirates?
James Norrington, Will Turner and Jack Sparrow.[src]

Jack talking his way out of trouble.

The three pirates then began a duel on the beaches, with Elizabeth cursing them for being pirates. Pintel and Ragetti showed up, and stole the chest and ran off into the island's jungle.

Sparrow, Turner, and Norrington ended up in an abandoned church dueling. Maccus and more members of the Flying Dutchman's crew showed up at the beaches. Will set off a church bell, which acted as a beacon to the members of the Flying Dutchman.

Jack managed to steal the key, and began to set off to the chest. But Norrington and Turner accidentally broke an old water mill off of a building, sending the wheel down the jungle floor, the three pirates dueling within it.

Attack by the Flying Dutchman's crew[]

"No, that's a tree."
"Oh, shut it!
Hadras and Jack Sparrow.[src]

The Crew of the Flying Dutchman attacks.

Elizabeth confronted Pintel and Ragetti in the jungle, but realized she didn't have a sword, when they did. When they were about to have their way with her, the wheel with Jack, Will, and Norrington rolled by, stalling Pintel and Ragetti. Just when they got closer to her, the crew of the Flying Dutchman attacked, and Elizabeth, Pintel, and Ragetti managed to make use of only two swords to hold the crew off. During the battle, Pintel and Ragetti dropped the chest, which was taken by Hadras.

Jack managed to escape the wheel, where he then saw Hadras running off with the chest. Using a coconut, Jack knocked Hadras' head off. Jack then opened the Dead Man's Chest and stole the heart before Elizabeth, Pintel, and Ragetti appeared.

Choosing a Destiny[]

"I...say we respect his final wish."
Jack Sparrow and Pintel after James Norrington leads the crew of the Flying Dutchman away.[src]

The Dutchmans crew surrounding Jack's crew.

Jack ran to the longboat, and put Davy Jones' heart into the jar of dirt for safe keeping, but was then attacked by Koleniko. Jack dueled Koleniko with one of the boat's ores. Elizabeth, Pintel, and Ragetti arrived at the longboat with even more of the Dutchman's crew chasing them.

The wheel Will and Norrington have been dueling on finally came to a halt at the shoreline. The two then decided to help in the battle. While everyone else was occupied, Norrington went over to the longboat to steal Jack's Letters of Marque, which he intended to use to pardon himself and gain his life in the British Royal Navy back. However, Norrington was able to notice that the heart of Davy Jones was in Jack's jar of dirt and stole it as well, concealing it with the letter on his person.

Pintel and Ragetti tried to make a run for it with the long boat, but were then stopped by Will. They reached for their swords, but then they realized that Elizabeth was using both of them. Will then noticed Jack has done something with the heart, and Jack smacked Will across the face with the ore, knocking him unconscious.

Norrington surrounded.

Norrington took the Dead Man's Chest and runs off with it back into the jungle. Norrington trips and falls, and is confronted by Hadras, who has found his head. Norrington gave up the chest and ran for it. The partially successful crew of the Dutchman head back to their ship. Jack, however, was confident that he can stop Davy Jones and the Kraken since he thought that he had the heart.


After making it out in the open sea, the Black Pearl was confronted by the Flying Dutchman, in which a chase began. The Pearl managed to evade the Dutchman, but Davy Jones called the Kraken to take down the Pearl.

Behind the scenes[]


Notes and references[]

  1. James "Jim" Carson's calendar of Henry Turner's waiting for Will Turner's return from Dead Men Tell No Tales shows that Will's first visit to his family after ten years of captaining the Flying Dutchman, which is shown in the after credits scene of At World's End, occurred in August 1739, which means Will was killed by Davy Jones during the Battle of Calypso's maelstrom in August 1729. The official At World's End novelization sets the events of At World's End a few months after the events of Dead Man's Chest which sets the Battle of Isla Cruces in 1729.