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Battle of Greenford


Attack on the Black Pearl

Battle of Khael Roa

Nathaniel Hawk betrays Silehard




Khael Roa, Caribbean Sea, South Archipelago


Nathaniel Hawk's victory. Defeat of Governor Silehard.


Flag of England

English Royal Navy

Edward England flag

Governor Silehard's pirate allies

Edward England flag

Nathaniel Hawk's pirate fleet

Governor Robert Christopher Silehard

Nathaniel Hawk
Danielle Greene


HMS Belette
English Frigate
English Corvette
Three pirate mercenary ships

Nathaniel Hawk's fleet


Destruction or capture of Silehard's fleet
Governor Silehard killed or captured

Unknown number of Nathaniel Hawk's crewmen killed

"By the Sea Devil! Rumors of treasure certainly attract the wrong sort of people! A whole pirate fleet was waiting for us off Khael Roa. How did those carrion-crows find out that we were sailing there? I don't understand it."
Nathaniel Hawk

The Battle of Khael Roa was one of Nathaniel Hawk's greatest battles. The Battle consisted of several pirate ships, including an immensely large Man-O-War, the HMS Belette , captained by governor Robert Christopher Silehard himself.

After the invasion of the English fleet on Greenford, Nathaniel Hawk, Danielle Greene, and Clement Aurentis prepared for their voyage on Khael Roa. Little did they know that Silehard had already arrived there long before them. Interestingly, Silehard's fleet, aside from the Belette, consisted of three pirate ships - he may have hired them as mercenaries to assist him in obtaining the treasure.

In a lengthy, dramatic engagement, Nathaniel's fleet managed to either sink, or board and capture all of the pirate ships and the Belette herself. The fate of Robert Christopher Silehard is unknown; he was probably killed along with the destruction of his ship, or captured by Nathaniel's men as his flagship was boarded. The culmination of the battle resulted in the ultimate defeat of Nathaniel's archenemy, and the start of Nathaniel's quest to search for the ancient Incan treasure on Khael Roa's temple.


Hawk's ship engages the HMS Belette.

During the battle, the player might find it useful to board and capture the HMS Belette to stand favorably against the Black Pearl.

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