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Fight on Isla de Muerta 17
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Destruction of Tortuga


Destruction of Padres del Fuego


Destruction of Port Royal

Battle of Padres

War against piracy
War of Jolly Roger




Padres del Fuego, Caribbean


Decisive pirate victory/Padres temporarily saved


Edward England flag


EITCo flag

East India Trading Company
Casa de Muertos
Jolly Roger's Army

Captain Walter
Xavier Hench
Rose Winsome

Lord Cutler Beckett
Jolly Roger
Captain Ellison Shaw
Captain Ezekiel Rott


Several pirate sloops, galleons and frigates
Over 2000 men and women

EITC ships
Black Guard
EITC soldiers


250 pirates injured; 100 wounded or severely injured; over 55 vessels lost

several Black Guard injured; Captain Ezekiel Rott; Casa de Muertos Guild


The Battle of Padres, or Battle of Padres del Fuego, was the first major battle in the War Against Piracy. It was fought both on and off the coast of Padres del Fuego. Its outcome spelled war between the Brethren Court of Piracy and the East India Trading Company, and for a short time too, Jolly Roger's Undead Army.


Immediately after the destruction of Tortuga, with the EITC denying a start in a huge Sea Offensive against pirates, the leaders of the Marceline guild along with famous pirates of the Caribbean joined in a show of might against the suddenly-increased armada of the EITC around Padres del Fuego .

Open War!Edit

Naval ConfrontationEdit

The EITC sent its best vessels to counter the Brethren's forces, and soon enough a naval battle of considerable proportions ensued. Almost immediately, the strongest of the Company' ships were sent in, and the Battle continued to a massive naval confrontation outside Padres. The Marceline did this due to the suspicion that something similar to Tortuga and Port Royal was going to happen to Padres. Townsfolk noticed a rise in activity of the EITC. For hours, the battles continued with many Marceline leaders steering their ships to battle the gargantuan EITC Warships. After hours of tenacious combat, smoke from the battle clouded around Padres, making it harder for ships to steer. The EITC warships were left sailing blind, which gave the pirates an opportunity to overcome them.

After several hours, the remaining warships set course for safer harbor, while most pirates cheered thier victory.

Others who didn't cheer knew it was just the beginning.

Ground BattleEdit

As the naval battle came to an end, Captain Walter led a troop of pirates ashore for another battle. Equally, a huge Undead horde, led by Captain Ezekiel Rott of the Casa de Muertos marched on to Los Padres to meet them. The stage was set for a clash of the titans.

Both sides met, and a huge battle ensued. In the brink of destruction, pirates managed to strike a fatal blow to the Undead, killing Rott along with the Casa de Muertos; the Undead fled and scattered. Pirates once more celebrated, for they had won a heroic victory against two overwhelming foes.

Little did they know, the Battle of Padres was just the beginning.

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