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"What happened to this cursed island?"
"There was a battle fierce for El Patron's guns. The fighting went on from sun to sun. But when the smoke cleared, the fight was a tie. And Jolly's anger began to fly.
―A pirate and Crazy Ned[src]

The Battle of Raven's Cove was the greatest battle between the East India Trading Company's forces and the undead forces of Jolly Roger during his attempt to conquer the Caribbean. The battle occurred on the mystical island of Raven's Cove. This was also one of the first battles in Lord Cutler Beckett's War Against Piracy in the Caribbean.


The Invasion of Padres del Fuego was done to retrieve the Lost Weapons of El Patron. Lord Cutler Beckett ordered the Black Guard of the East India Trading Company to launch its own might to retrieve them, double crossing Jolly Roger. While the Casa de Muertos - the clan most loyal to Jolly Roger (who found the Invasions to be of no use in finding them) - were searching for the Weapons, the Company, learning of the location of the weapons began to launch the massive imperial Expedition Fleets to search for them. After days of relentless rebellion from pirates against the Fleets, the ships finally made it to Raven Cove. This culminated in a final battle between the Undead Horde of Jolly Roger (who also landed up in the Cove) and the EITC. Both sides paid a hefty price of lives (and walking dead), which ended up in both retreating. They however gained a sufficient amount of the weapons. The Marceline Guild (who led various pirate rebellions) were watching this battle which went on for two days. They left the islands to warn pirates about voodoo enchanted material across the Caribbean, as the weapons spread far and wide, even sold to the British Royal Navy. Raven's Cove however, was left in shambles....


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