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This article is about the battle during Armando Salazar's anti-piracy campaign.
You may be looking for the battle during Cutler Beckett's war against piracy.

Attack on the Misty Lady[1]


Battle off of Bermuda[1]

Battle off the Devil's Triangle
Silent Mary vs pirate fleet.jpg

Armando Salazar's anti-piracy campaign




Off the coast of the Devil's Triangle, Caribbean Sea


Pyrrhic victory for the pirates. Nine pirate ships and crews destroyed. Salazar and his men killed in the Devil's Triangle.



Spanish Royal Navy
Crew of the Silent Mary

Edward England flag.gif

Crew of the Wicked Wench
9 other pirate crews

Capitán Armando Salazar
Lieutenant Lesaro

Captain Morgan
9 other pirate captains
Jack Sparrow


Silent Mary

10 ships


1 galleon
All crewmen killed

9 ships sunk
10 captains killed
9 crews slaughtered

"I destroyed dozens of ships. The last ones joined together to try defeat me but they soon realized it was hopeless. Nothing could stop the Silent Mary. The sea was finally... pure. Their wretched flags would no longer stain the sea."
Armando Salazar[src]

The Battle off the Devil's Triangle was the last battle in Capitán Armando Salazar's anti-piracy campaign before his first death in the Devil's Triangle.


"Pirates had infected the seas for generations, taking the life of my father and his father before him. So I vowed to end this plague once and for all. And that's what I did."
―Armando Salazar[src]

Some time after his teenage adventures, Jack Sparrow was a crew member aboard a mighty vessel, the Wicked Wench. When the Spanish Royal Navy capitán Armando Salazar vowed to exterminate all pirates on the Seven Seas, he and his loyal crew hunted and destroyed dozens of pirate ships, earning themselves a fearsome reputation. Eventually, the last pirates in the Caribbean joined forces, forming a formidable fleet of ten ships, in an attempt to sink Salazar's dreaded galleon, the Silent Mary.[3]


A pirate ship burns.

"Lovely day for a sail, Captain! Wouldn't you agree? The way I see it, there's just the two of us left. Surrender to me now, Captain, and I will let you live."
Jack Sparrow to Armando Salazar[src]

The pirate fleet engaged the Silent Mary. But despite being outnumbered, the Spanish quickly demonstrated to the pirates that the firepower of the Silent Mary and the skills of her crew were far superior to those of all the ships and crews in the entire pirate fleet. The battle ended disastrously for the pirates with the majority of their fleet destroyed. As the Silent Mary sailed through the burning wrecks, Salazar's second-in-command Lieutenant Lesaro noticed survivors in the water begging for mercy. Salazar smirked and stated "there is no mercy", while taking a bite of his apple. Lesaro then commanded the soldiers to take aim and fire at the defenseless men, brutally killing any survivors.[3]

The only pirate ship not sunk was the Wicked Wench. After losing the ship's captain, Jack Sparrow took matters into his own hands with an army of pirates waiting on his word.[3]

Just as the Capitán thought he had won the battle, he heard a young man's voice coming from the crow's nest of a ship on the opposite side of his. Salazar claimed that the boy looked like a "little bird" giving him the name Jack the Sparrow. Jack demanded that Salazar surrender and if he did, he would let him live. Of course, Salazar being overconfident in the Silent Mary and its crew, decided to pursue the pirate who was mocking his great power.[3]

The Silent Mary follows the Wicked Wench.

Sparrow manned the helm of the Wicked Wench and sailed straight toward the mouth of the Devil's Triangle, with the Silent Mary right on its tail. The crew of the Silent Mary seemed concerned on pursuing Sparrow, but Salazar was determined and commanded that they follow him into the Devil's Triangle. Just as the Wench was about to enter, Jack shouted "Throw it now!" and ropes came flying out of the port side of the ship and caught on the rocks beside them, turning the Wench in the opposite direction. Salazar noticed Jack had been making a bootleg turn and pushed Lesaro aside from the helm in an attempt to make the turn himself, but it was too late. The Silent Mary was forced to continue its course into the Devil's Triangle. As they sailed through the dark caverns of the Triangle, the Silent Mary was scraped by sharp rocks below, severely damaging the bow. The ship began to go up in flames, striking and burning dozens of crew members alive. Salazar attempted to escape the flames, but was knocked in the back of the head by a falling mast, knocking him overboard. The Silent Mary had been sunk, taking her captain and crew along with her.[3]

Jack and the Wench's crew watched at the pirate hunters met their demise. The crew then offered Jack tribute. It was at this time that Jack received his iconic hat, as well as many other goods and priceless valuables. [3]


The powers of the Devil's Triangle resurrect Salazar.

"He took everything from me. And filled me with rage... and pain."
Armando Salazar[src]

Salazar's body slowly began to sink to the depths of the Triangle, but his eyes then opened from an unrelenting power within the Devil's Triangle, causing him and his crew, as well as the Mary, to resurrect into something far more evil and fearsome than they ever were in life.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

"This is a battle from your past. You sank his ship - left him to sink beneath the gates of Hell - imprisoned in the Triangle. And like all who die there, his spirit will not rest until he has his revenge."
Melia to Jack Sparrow[src] (2013 screenplay draft)

Notes and references[]

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