"God help us; I haven't seen such huge ships in my life!"
―A sailor from the Victory to Nathaniel Hawk[src]

Battleships were very powerful military ships. They generally boasted up to seventy cannons distributed onto three gun decks.


Battleship was the most common form of the warship class. They were occasionally used as flagships by lesser admirals and commodores. Due to their slow speed, battleships were better for direct battle than close quarter combat, but they could deliver devastating broadside attacks that were sometimes known to destroy a vessel in a single round. Battleships normally held rather large crews, some holding as much as six-hundred men aboard.

Battleships were used by the French in their siege of Oxbay. The Belette was a French battleship that guarded the shores of Oxbay, which gave Nathaniel Hawk and his co-agent Rabel Yvernau a troublesome time escaping the colony.

The HMS Desperate and HMS Monarch were two battleships that were ordered to firmly return the city of Greenford to Sir Robert Christopher Silehard's hands. Both ships were either captured or scuttled by Captain Nathaniel Hawk's small pirate fleet.


A battleship fires at a fort.

Battleships are the strongest purchasable ships in the game. They are very effective when used against forts, as they are very durable and have immense firepower. They can also mount 24-pounders, the largest cannons in the game (24-pounder culverins can actually outrange the guns used by forts, allowing one to pound them from afar with impunity).

However, they are rather slow, making it painful to board another ship (but why would one want to board another ship if they already had this monster of a warship?!). They can mount up to 70 of these, have a total hull strength of 9500, and are manned by around 618 crewmen, with a maximum cargo hold of 5000 (the hull strength, number of crew, and amount of cargo varies by nationality). However, they are very expensive (costing 100,000 gold coins) and are seldom available for purchase in shipyards.


A pirate schooner gets owned.

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  • In real-world history, the term "Battleship" wasn't used until the mid-19th century.



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