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The Belette was an enormous man-of-war and the flagship of the English Royal Navy in the Caribbean in the 1630's. It was owned by Govenor Robert Christopher Silehard. In 1631, the vessel was ultimately destroyed or captured by Captain Nathaniel Hawk during the Battle of Khael Roa off of the coast of the lost isle of Khael Roa.

Unfortunately for the player, if the Belette is captured, she cannot be used to go "fort-smashing" in the hopes of fulfilling many a player's wish to capture all the islands in the entire archipelago (due to the player's inability to go back to sea after the Battle in Khael Roa).

Design and appearanceEdit

A massive man-of-war warship, the Belette is the largest and second most powerful ship in the game, outclassed only by the Black Pearl. The Belette is the only ship of her class that is encountered in the game; no Man-of-War can be purchased in any shipyard. She is armed with one hundred 24-pounder culverins on three gun decks each side, crewed by 950 men, and has a max HP of 15,000. Her total cargo capacity is 5400, the most for any ship in the game (a Battleship has 5000). There are a total of five boarding decks inside the ship, all of which one has to fight Marines in order to capture the ship.


The HMS Belette, now under Nathaniel Hawk's command, wrecks havoc on a pirate galleon.

Perhaps the only drawback in this warship is its slow speed and turn rate, although the range and quantity of its culverins more than makes up for it; even though an enemy ship is far from her, it is easy for the Belette to fire a long-range salvo that would wreck her opponent apart. A full broadside of this warship can be terrifying, able to heavily damage (if not completely obliterate) a smaller warship in one salvo.

The Belette bears a very close resemblance to a first-rate ship of the line, although she is officially classed as a Man-of-War in the game.

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