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"It's not a bad look, really. Eh?"
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"I'm preparing to set sail within a few days, and I need to provision my ship. My EITC vessel, the Wicked Wench. Mr. Beckett's own ship."
Wicked Wench? Why, I dispatched the first load of provisions to her just today, Captain Sparrow! You didn't receive them?"
Jack Sparrow and Benjamin Blount[src]

Benjamin Blount was the EITC portmaster in Calabar during the late 1710s. A greedy official, he often used the Company's money to buy cheap, bad food for the provision for the EITC ships, while keeping the rest of the money for himself.


"When will you be shipping out?"
"We should be finished fitting out the Wench by sunset. Then we've a cargo to load tomorrow. We'll be departing early the following morning."
"I see. Well, then, let me call my warehouse crew, and we'll prepare replacement provisions for you immediately.
―Benjamin Blount and Jack Sparrow[src]

Nothing is known about Blount's early life, or how he even ended up in Africa. It is known however, that he was employed by the East India Trading Company, and he was capable enough to become the portmaster in the port of Calabar.

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