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"Don't meddle in our affairs, pirate!"
―Saying for EITC Black Guards[src]

The Black Guard was an army of elite mercenaries in the employ of the East India Trading Company. They obeyed their own laws; or rather, the laws deemed convenient by Lord Cutler Beckett, the ruthless guiding hand behind the EITC. The Black Guards were the eyes and ears of the Company, informing their superiors of the plots that could threaten them. They tended to enforce the law in non public manner, and they preferred to remain hidden and unnoticed in case they needed to dispatch a threat.


Black CoatsEdit

"We're being attacked!"
"Redcoats and Black Cloaks!
Pintel and Ragetti[src]

Black Coats were specially trained soldiers of the Black Guard. During the times in which the Black Pearl was under Beckett's control, the Black Coats patrolled in areas such as Fort Charles, Fort Dundee, Thieves Den, Beckett's Quarry, and Kingshead. Their uniform consisted of a black bicorne hat with dark blue trim, an open black coat, a white ascot, and a waistcoat much like the one Cutler Beckett wore on his death day with the waistcoat being tan rather than teal.[1] During Beckett's war against piracy, a contingent of them attacked Shipwreck City. By this time the uniform changed from a black coat to a black cloak and a black tricorn hat.[2]

Lore eitc soldier

EITC Black Guard in Port Royal



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