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"There's a fresh water spring on this island. We can resupply there, and get back to shooting each other later."
Will Turner[src]

The Black Sand Beach was a small island containing a fresh water spring. It became well known as the resting place of the Kraken, after the beast was killed by Davy Jones.


Death of the Kraken[]

Not much is known about the island prior to the Kraken's death, but it was well known for its fresh water spring. After Lord Cutler Beckett gained control of Davy Jones' heart, he ordered Davy Jones to have the beast killed. And so the Kraken was killed and left on its resting place in Black Sand Beach.[1]

Betrayal in the island[]

Tai Huang ambushing the motley crew.

Later, Jack Sparrow, Hector Barbossa and most of the crew of the Black Pearl arrived at this island following their return from Davy Jones' Locker. In search of water and other needed supplies, the crew happened upon the corpse of the Kraken. They soon found a second corpse: that of Steng, an East India Trading Company agent killed by Sao Feng. His body contaminated the island's fresh water spring.[1]

Aboard on the Empress, Sao Feng launched an ambush on the Black Pearl offshore. Seeing these turn of events, Sao Feng's men, led by Tai Huang, took Jack Sparrow, Barbossa, and the rest of the crew of the Pearl hostage. Sparrow was sent aboard the Endeavour to meet with Cutler Beckett, while Barbossa formed a truce with Feng, who was betrayed by Beckett shortly after. Ultimately, Sao Feng helped Barbossa take back the Black Pearl, by which time Jack Sparrow made his escape from the Endeavour to the Pearl, who then sailed for Shipwreck Cove. The Endeavour was damaged during Sparrow's escape to the Pearl, forcing the crew to repair the main mast before giving chase.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

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