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"Uh, hello, Black."
"And who might you be? Think you're a clever scalawag, to dare address Black Smoke James so?
Jack Sparrow and Black Smoke James[src]

Black Smoke James was a deadly pirate, similar in nature to Blackbeard. He was named because he would confuse his enemies by shrouding the nearby area in black smoke, and attacking them in the darkness.


Battle of NassauEdit

"Let's not forget all that I've gained. This town belongs to me now, savvy?"
"Oh it does, does it? Well being on account of who you was pretending to be when you made the deal, and seeing as who I am - that being the man you was pretending to be- I'm inclined to differ.
Jack Sparrow and Black Smoke James[src]

James attacked the port of Nassau, determined to become the Magistrate. His arrival coincided with the arrival of Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann. Much to the anger of James, Jack became the real Magistrate of Nassau. He had his crew attempted to kill Jack and Elizabeth, but they were unsuccessful.

Jack Black Smoke James Duel2

Black Smoke James fighting Jack Sparrow on the King George's Amnesty.

After seeing that his crewmen were defeated, James himself fought Jack and Elizabeth aboard his ship, the King George's Amnesty. Unfortunately, even with his advantage of his smokescreen, he was defeated. However, this was not the end of old Black Smoke and he disappeared, through his smoke, claiming he will have revenge on Jack Sparrow. It is unknown if he ever did have his revenge or not.

"Curse you a thousand times, Jack Sparrow. I'll not see you skewered this day—no. But another one, aye. You have my word on that."
―Black Smoke James' last words.[src]
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