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Blaine Gibson

"Having an animation background, and working with some of the best animators in the world helped me when I began to get three-dimensional characters, and to think in terms of what they could do or not do. The idea of articulating dialogue with a figure, seemed to me, a little remote still at that time. Yet, that did happen."
―Blaine Gibson on his role in Pirates of the Caribbean[src]

Blaine Gibson was an American Disney animator and Imagineer best known for his sculpting work on numerous classic Disney attractions.


Blaine Gibson would go home at night and sculpt, which had been a favorite hobby of his since childhood. Then, in 1954, Walt Disney happened to see one of Blaine's art exhibits, which featured several animal sculptures, and recruited him to work on special projects for his new theme park, Disneyland. An original imagineer for Walt Disney and his company. He had brought his sculpture, his drawings, and his sheer gift of being the master man of art to past, present, and future generations.

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