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Lieutenant Bligh was a young English officer in the 1730's.


Bligh was apparently in the service of the East India Trading Company and eventually the British Royal Navy. He claimed to have became a midshipman at the age of twelve, rise to the rank of Lieutenant by eighteen, and receive his first command a year later. Following Barbossa's mutiny, Bligh was sent out to capture and hang pirates in the waters of Port Royal and was evaded several times by Jack Sparrow. It is presumed that he ceased hunting him when Jack became a privateer for a brief time in the service of the Governor of Port Royal.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • It is possible that Lieutenant Bligh is named after William Bligh, a man who captained the famous ship HMS Bounty in the 1780's when his first mate rallied 2/3rds of the crew and mutinied against him (a conflict that would become known as the Mutiny On the Bounty).


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