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The Blue Bayou was a quiet bayou located in Louisiana. It was the locations of many shacks as well as a mysterious passage that leads to Dead Man's Cove.


In the Blue Bayou, a thin layer of mist would often float over the water's surface. The inhabitants of the bayou typically lived in houseboats and elevated shacks that were situated in the middle of the swamp. During the evening, lazy fireflies have their evening flights as a local swamp-dweller passes the regular evening plucking out familiar southern tunes on his old banjo.[1]

Crickets, frogs, toads, alligators, and all sorts of waterfowl hidden behind the mangroves sing their eerie songs quietly throughout the swamp as any rider drifted slowly toward the stone walls of a canal, which narrows into a brick channel that sweeps the boat toward a dark area. This dark area would lead any visitor down two misty waterfalls, into a dark and mysterious grotto known as Dead Man's Cove.[1]


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Laffite's Landing

Laffite's LandingEdit

Laffite's Landing was a landing located in the Blue Bayou. It was the area where people could get on a boat and ride through the lagoon.

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