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"Dead men tell no tales! So, I'm forced to let ye live."
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"Where's that yellow coward Sparrow? Beck, we had a deal!
But Sparrow paid me double what you was payin'. A pretty piece of profit, too! So here's your gold back. 'Course I was going to reimburse you... as it were.
Jolly Roger and Bo Beck[src]

Bo Beck was a Caribbean pirate during the Age of Piracy.

Biography Edit

At some point in his life, Beck was hired by the cursed pirate captain Jolly Roger to capture Jack Sparrow. But Sparrow paid him double and Beck left him to flee.

Price of treason Edit

"It looks like the price of loyalty just went up, eh?"
―Bo Beck to Jolly Roger[src]

Beck was later captured by Jolly Roger of the coast of Bilgewater island. He tried to make deal with Roger to save himself after explaining why he let Jack go but was turned into undead skeleton and press-ganged into Jolly Roger's Army. His sloop was sunk by the Harkaway, Jolly Roger's flagship.

Bo Beck Death1

Jolly Roger turning Bo Beck into a skeleton.

Bo Beck's death

Bo Beck turns into a skeleton.

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