Crew swinging

The crews of the Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman boarding.

"Captain, I've spoken to the men and reassured them. The pirates will be boarding in a few minutes. We have a white flag up. But they’ll want the two of us down on the weather deck, too, so they can keep an eye on us."
Jack Sparrow to Nathaniel Bainbridge[src]

Boarding, in its simplest sense, refers to the insertion on to a ship's deck of personnel. However, when it is classified as an attack, in most contexts, it refers to the forcible insertion of personnel that are not members of the crew by another party without the consent of the captain or crew. Boarding may be carried out during wartime by naval infantry in an attempt to seize and possibly destroy the vessel, or it may occur in peacetime by pirates and other criminals, or as a means of inspection by a nation's navy) to prevent piracy and smuggling.


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