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"I never thought I'd get to go to India. Where does this Pirate Lord live?"
"Around, er, these parts."
"What our dear captain means is near Bombay. Sri Sumbhajee has been tormenting the ships going in and out of this port for years.
Carolina, Jack Sparrow, and Hector Barbossa[src]

Bombay was a city on the west coast of India. Over the course of history, it was a colony of Portugal and England.


"How is it that a notorious pirate has been raiding and pillaging almost every ship that's entered the port of Bombay for the last fifteen years, leaching off the profits of the East India Trading Company, filling his chests with our gold and jewels and species... and yet no one—you're telling me no one in all of India—has any idea where his stronghold is?"
Benedict Huntington to his crew[src]

Bombay was a cluster of seven islands, islands namely Colaba, Smaller Colaba, Worli, Parel, Mazgaon, Mumbadevi & Mahim. Among the seven islands, Colaba, Mazgaon & Mahim were comparatively large and prominent. Mahim in 13th Century was a capital place of Raja Bhimdeo, a Hindu ruler. He named the Mahim Island as Mahikavati in the year 1294 and took keen interest in its all-round development. The trading facilities provided by Raja Bhimdeo attracted many foreign traders, such as Arabs, Christians and Jews.

Portuguese were the first Europeans to land on these islands in 1509. They were shrewd tradesman with an eye for the future. They skillfully managed to establish cordial relations with the political power ruling the western coast. But the Muslim regime over the islands of Bombay soon started facing problems as the Mughals posed a great challenge before them. Portuguese joined hands with Muslims in their fight with Mughals. But the Muslim regime came to an end and Bombay ultimately was taken over by Portuguese as per a mutual treaty.

The Portuguese rule over the islands of Bombay commenced from 1534. Later, the Dutch and the British too made their way to Bombay for trade and commerce. Malabaris from the coastal area of Kerala also migrated to Bombay during this period. Their sole intention being keep an eye on the Merchant Ships coming to Bombay Harbor and plunder the treasure on these ships. To further their purpose they used a strategic point on the hill of Walkeshwar.

Portuguese ruled Bombay for about one hundred and twenty five years. The British took over Bombay from the Portuguese, in the year 1662. It was a dowry gift from the Portuguese to Charles II, then the king of England, in his marriage with Infanta Catherine Braganza, the Princess of Portugal. British being staunch traders, wisely developed Bombay as an ideal port. At some point in the early 1700s, the East India Trading Company established an office in Bombay. In 1718, the Maratha privateer Kanhoji Angria blockaded Bombay port and extracted ransom from the British governor. Kanhoji's actions against the British were continued by his son, Sumbhajee Angria, who successfully pillaged the EITC ships from Bombay for thirty years.


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