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This man was a Royal Marine who served in the East India Trading Company.

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Will and Elizabeth arrested2

The redcoat guarding William Turner.

Not much is known about this man's early life, although it's known that he was born in England. At some unspecified point of his life, this man became a Royal Marine in the British Royal Navy and eventually went to serve as soldier of the East India Trading Company under the governorship of Lord Cutler Beckett.[1]

Around 1729, the day in which Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner were due to marry, the East India Trading Company arrived at Port Royal with Lord Cutler Beckett with the order of arrest both Swann and Turner for helping Captain Jack Sparrow to escape the gallows. Before Beckett arrived at the chapel, the redcoat and one of his fellow marines went to John Brown's blacksmith shop, where they battered down the door and arrested Turner.[2] The redcoat and his companion held Will back when he tried to rebel on Beckett's order to arrest Elizabeth at the chapel despite Governor Weatherby Swann's protests.[1] His further fate is unknown.

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