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"Hold your fire; there's a woman with him in the vault!"
―The British soldier to his men on Jack Sparrow and Frances[src]

This man was a Royal Marine serving in the British Royal Navy, stationed at Saint Martin.


Not much is known about this man's early life. At some unspecified point of his life, this man would become a Royal Marine serving as part of the British Royal Navy forces stationed in the small town of Saint Martin on the island of the same name. He was placed in charge of a small squad of marines.[1]

Around 1751, the Bank of Saint Martin would be officially opened. However, the famed pirate captain Jack Sparrow was found sleeping drunk inside the vault, lying atop a pile of gold and other valuables. This marine and his squad were immediately sent to dispense with the pirate, who was now drunkenly stumbling out of the vault. This marine prepared his men to open fire on the pirate as Sparrow drunkenly attempted to work out how he had ended up asleep inside the vault. However, just as the marines were about to open fire on Jack, a woman was sighted inside the vault who had apparently been sleeping with Sparrow. The marine ordered his men to hold fire, but Mayor Dix told them not to mind about the "trollop". But, Bank Manager Krill pointed out that the woman was in fact the Mayor's wife, Frances. After Frances ran out of the vault and fled the scene, the marine ordered his squad to open fire. Jack managed to jump to safety, and, soon after, the bank suddenly began to move backwards, to the shock of those present. Unbeknownst to them, Jack Sparrow's Motley crew were pulling the bank via horses.[1]

This marine and his squad of soldiers pursued the bank on foot, barely keeping up with the horses pulling the bank. As Jack Sparrow left the bank and walked into the Swift and Sons Chart House, the marines ignored him, focusing on catching up with the bank. However, as the bank soon had to go under a bridge, it was too tall to go under and ended up being completely destroyed as it crashed into the bridge. The remains of the bank came crashing down in front of the marines, along with all of the gold inside it.[1] His further fate is unknown.

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