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All gun ports open, the East India Trading Company flagship, HMS Endeavour, can deliver a broadside of metal weight of over 1100 lbs. One of the heaviest in the Caribbean.

"Give 'em a broadside! Pound 'em lads! Pound 'em!"
Pirate Captain[src] (pre-2006 revamp)

Broadside most commonly refers to the firing of all the cannons on one side of a ship. It also may refer to either the literal 'broad side' of the ship (meaning the port and starboard sides of the ship), or the ammount of guns on either side. Most professional naval gun crews can deliver a broadside of fire every 2-5 minutes, while a pirate crew usually boards after firing and doesn't bother reloading. Military trained gunmen fired broadsides one cannon after another, in turn, giving each one time to reload without interrupting the attack.  


The Silent Mary fires a full broadside.

"Prepare to broadside!"
Elizabeth Swann to the crew of the Black Pearl[src]

Broadsides were used throughout the Golden Age of Piracy. A full broadside was used in the battle between the Black Pearl and the Interceptor, where both ships each threw a broadside to kick off the fight. However the Interceptor tried, the Black Pearl was easily able to outgun it.[1] Broadsides were given through many other ship battles.

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