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Will Turner putting on the Buccaneer's Heart.

"So the legends are true! The Buccaneer's Heart does hold the spirits of the Caribbean's most notorious swashbucklers -- awaiting the day when a great pirate will set them free!"
Jack Sparrow to Will Turner[src]

The Buccaneer's Heart was a jeweled medallion imbued with dark magic that was considered to be a myth in the Caribbean Sea. The artifact held the spirits of Edward Teach, Bartholomew Roberts, Henry Morgan, and Mary Reade. The spirits could only be summoned when a pirate wore the medallion, awaiting the day when a great pirate could set them free.


"The Buccaneer's Heart? But isn't that just a myth?"
Will Turner to Jack Sparrow[src]

How the spirits of the Heart's captives entered the artifact remains unknown, though the medallion was kept at Port Royal, its prisoners laying dormant within. Jack Sparrow gained possession of a diagram of the Buccaneer's Heart, and learned its location in the months following the first death of Hector Barbossa.

However, the cursed crew had also learned of the Heart's whereabouts, and Jack arrived at Fort Charles in time to recruit Will Turner and intercept Pintel and Ragetti, carrying the Heart in a chest to the commandeered HMS Dauntless. Disguised as skeletons, Jack and Will tricked Pintel and Ragetti, giving Will time to wear the medallion. Instantly, its spirits were released, identifying themselves as "the pirates of the Caribbean".


The spirits released after Will breaks the Buccaneer's Heart.

The pirate spirits initially disregarded Will as suitable to command them, though with Jack's help, Will rallied the spirits into an attack on the Dauntless. The pirates were successful, rounding up the cursed crew to be marooned on Black Sam's Spit. The spirits deemed Will worthy of their respect, and asked him to become their captain. Turner refused, however, and smashed the Buccaneer's Heart on the deck of the Dauntless, setting its spirits free at last.

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  1. Because Blackbeard appeared alive and well in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, which takes place after the Disney Adventures comics, The Buccaneer's Heart! is considered non-canon.
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