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Cádiz was a city and port in southwestern Spain. Cádiz was the oldest continuously-inhabited city on the Iberian Peninsula and possibly all southwestern Europe. It was a principal home port of the Spanish Royal Navy since the accession of the Spanish Bourbon Dynasty at the beginning of the 18th century. Of all Cádiz's inhabitants, the most notable was King Ferdinand VI who, in his reign, resided in the royal palace.


The city of Cádiz was founded by the Phoenicians in 1100 BC. It started off as a trading post for various commodities like tin, silver and Ambar. After the Moorish reign in the 16th century, the city began to prosper. It had an excellent strategic location; perfect for trading with the New World. It was from here that Christopher Columbus made two of his epic voyages to America.

In 1587, Cádiz was attacked by a squadron of English ships, commanded by the notorious freebooter Francis Drake. The Spanish were caught by surprise, and Drake managed to destroy thirty-seven naval and merchant vessels in the harbor, which postponed the Spanish invasion of England. Some time after his accession to the throne of Spain in 1746, King Ferdinand VI made Cádiz his residence.

Quest for the Fountain of YouthEdit


A carriage arrives to the royal palace.

"I have a report. The Spanish have located the Fountain of Youth. I will not have some melancholy Spanish Monarch—a Catholic—gain eternal life!"
King George II[src]

In 1750, a gold-trimmed carriage raced from the harbor as it arrived to the Cádiz royal palace, where a Spanish captain and fisherman showed King Ferdinand their discovery of an ancient sailor whom they caught in a fishing net off the coast of Spain. The old castaway was found to be clutching the ship's log of the Santiago, a Spanish vessel that vanished two centuries before, which told of explorer Ponce de León's fabled discovery of the long-lost Fountain of Youth. After examining the logbook, Ferdinand realized that the legends of Ponce de León's search for the Fountain of Youth were true. And so with this knowledge, King Ferdinand immediately sent his most trusted agent, only known as "The Spaniard", to find the Fountain.[1]

Upon this discovery, King George II would receive a report of the Spanish having located the Fountain of Youth. He sent Hector Barbossa, a reformed pirate and privateer of England, to find the Fountain before the Spanish. But King George didn't realize that they planned to destroy the Fountain, rather than to gain eternal life. In the end, Spanish had successfully destroyed the Fountain.[1]

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