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The Cabin Boy at Fort Charles.

"You can start in as cabin boy, and cook's assistant, while you learn how to rig the sails, and all the rest of what it takes to be a sailor."
Jack Sparrow to Chamba[src]

Cabin boy or ship's boy was title given to a young boy who run errands for the captain. Those who served as cabin boys were usually from 14–16 years old and also helped the cook in the galley and carried buckets of food from the galley to the forecastle where the ordinary seamen ate. They would have to run from one end of the ship to the other carrying messages and become familiar with the sails, lines and ropes and the use of each in all sort sorts of weather. They would have to scramble up the rigging into the yards whenever the sails had to be trimmed. They would even begin to stand watches like other crewmen or act as helmsman in good weather, holding the wheel to keep the ship steady on her course.

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