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"Caesar will nip a little, have to be careful with him, But he's a fine, strong beast, and can go all day."
Manager of the horse livery to Jack Sparrow[src]

Caesar was a horse owned by a horse livery in Calabar, on the West Coast of Africa. Captain Jack Sparrow intended to ride to Roger Dalton's farm to help Tarek, a slave, escape. Jack originally intended on renting a horse wagon, but when he found that they are out, he settled for a horse, a completely new creature to him. In the evening, Caesar didn't respond well to Jack and even threw him off onto the ground of the street. When Jack tried to get the horse to listen once more, the horse began to run away. Jack also ran, and Ayisha scolded him, revealing that she knew English. She then took control of the horse and led them to the Dalton farm to rescue her friend.

"Horses who must stand and wait become bored, like humans. When they become bored, they paw, they break their reins, and they call out to other horses. We don't want that, do we?"
Ayisha to Jack Sparrow[src]

While she was inside the farm, finding Tarek in the dead of the night, Jack was left outside with the horse. Ayisha told Jack to keep the horse calm by holding him and talking to him, but Jack and Caesar's loving relationship hadn't exactly gotten off to a great start. Jack just petted the creature for a while, saying "good boy," but then he got bored of it. So he began telling Caesar some of his many sea stories until Ayisha and Tarek arrived. Jack, still not in love with the horse, tells the two former slaves to ride and he will jog next to them. They return Caesar back to the livery that night before heading off on the Wicked Wench, a mode of transportation Jack preferred much more.