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"Ahhh! Fye-fye!"
―The Cannibal and all his companions.[src]

This man was a Cannibal warrior. He searched for Captain Jack Sparrow on Pelegosto Island.

Biography Edit

Around 1729Captain Jack Sparrow and his motley crew arrived on the Isla de Pelegostos, and were captured by the Pelegostos Tribe. The Pelegostos were convinced that Jack was a god in human form, and planned to release him from his mortal coil by ceremonially ingesting his flesh.[1]

As Jack was placed upon a spit above a stack of hay, this native shouted excitedly "Ahhh! Fye-fye!" with the rest of the tribe answering in kind.[1]

Cannibal Ambush

The warrior and two other cannibals.

When told of the escaping captives this man ran off to retrieve them, but another cannibal carelessly dropped his torch causing the hay to singe and eventually catch fire. As Jack Sparrow fled aboard the Black Pearl and bade the tribes people fair-well this native looked on mournfully, as the rest of the tribe called out to Jack to return.[1] His further fate is unknown.

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