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"Da litozo! Da litozo!"
―Cannibal Boy to Pelegostos Warriors[src]

This boy was a member of the Pelegostos tribe during the time of Lord Cutler Beckett's occupation of Port Royal.

Biography Edit

Around 1729, Captain Jack Sparrow and his motley crew arrived on Isla de Pelegostos and were captured by the Pelegostos Tribe. The Pelegostos were convinced that Jack was a god in human form, and planned to release him from his mortal coil by ceremonially ingesting his flesh.[1]

This boy was seen anticipating this ceremony with a knife and fork and was confused when Jack attempted to escape, likely thinking (as the other Pelegostos thought) that such a ceremony would be beneficial to a god such as they thought Jack to be.[1]

Jack stole the boy's knife, at which point the boy fled to explain the situation to the Pelegostos warriors who were, at that time, pursuing the escaping crew of the Black Pearl. As Jack boarded the Black Pearl and gave his farewells to the tribe this boy looked on, mournfully calling out to Jack.[1] His further fate is unknown.

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