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The Captain Jack's sign.

Captain Jack's is a full-service Morrocan/Seafood restaurant located in Disneyland Paris's Adventureland. Originally known as the Blue Lagoon, the restaurant changed the name in 2017. Like Blue Bayou, Captain Jack's allows people to dine inside of Pirates of the Caribbean. Captain Jack's is open for lunch and dinner. An average meal costs around 30 €. Reservations are recommended and can be made by calling +33 (0) 1 60 30 40 50.


The original sign.

Captain Jack's offers several different menus. The Buccaneers Menu (28 €) and the Sea Treasures Menu (38 €) let the diner choose a starter, main dish, and dessert. The Teenager Menu (15 €) comes with a main dish and dessert while the Children's Menu (10 €) offers the same and a drink.


  • Crunchy crab with chives, passion fruit vinaigrette
  • Tahiti style prawn and pineapple cocktail
  • Antilles Caress
  • Cold lobster with spiced mayonaise and crunchy vegetables
  • Fried scallops with orange curry sauce and sweet potato puree
  • Half a pineapple with vegetables archers
  • Smoked ham with paw paw

Main Dishes[]

  • Vegetable colombo with coconut milk
  • Tango Mango, Grilled swordfish
  • Veal Paillard grilled with spices
  • Flambeed ostrich steak
  • Roasted prawns with basil and mixed fried vegetables
  • Grilled fillet of beef
  • Colonial chicken curry with coconut petals
  • Tuna and swordfish fricasse with coriander and badian-flavoured rice
  • Lacquered duck fillet kebab


  • Creme brulee with gingerbread flavouring
  • Bora-Bora fresh fruit cocktail
  • The sugar coated expedition
  • Moist chocolate cake with mango coulis
  • Pineapple Discovery
  • Crumbly apricot and pistachio pie
  • Roast banana with vintage rum, vanilla ice cream and dried banana

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