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The Caribbean Arcade was an arcade in the Magic Kingdom's Adventureland. It was built in 1974. It was renamed Caverna de los Piratas in and was closed in 1980.


The room was filled with various arcade machines. Among them are machines from the earlier Pirate's Arcade Museum, including Captain Hook. Make Captain Bones Dance allowed guests to make a skeleton puppet dance to a sea shanty. Most of the other machines made souvenirs including a pirate coin with a short message and postcards featuring the art of Marc Davis. There was also a fortunetelling machine featuring Anne Bonny, similar to Fortune Red.

After the arcade closed, Lafitte's Portrait Deck was opened. The Portrait Deck allowed guests to dress like a pirate and have their picture taken posing next to one of two pirate figures. The attraction was later named PhotoToon. The figures were removed and Disney characters were added to the pictures. In 1994, PhotoToon became LaFitte's, a store specializing in pirate merchandise. By 1997, that shop had closed too. The area is now used as storage.

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