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"It's not a bad look, really. Eh?"
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"I'm a pirate now! And if you think I'm some weak simpering child of royalty who has to be pampered, I dare you to race me to the bird's nest and we'll just see who's the better sailor!"
―Carolina to Diego de Leon[src]

Carolina was a Spanish princess living in Spain engaged to a governor.


"I don't want to be treated like a princess anymore. I want to be a regular pirate, like everyone else."
―Carolina to Diego de Leon[src]

A descendant of great kings and queens of Spain, Carolina was twenty-second in line to the throne of Spain. Wanting to escape the hectic life she led, Carolina garnered the help of her stable boy, Diego de Leon, to flee the pressures of her life amongst the Spanish nobility. She was soon recaptured by the Spanish however and was being taken back to Spain but Diego and the crew of the Black Pearl saved her even though she would have escaped by herself. She and Diego was forced to turn to Captain Jack Sparrow to rescue her. Carolina ultimately wound up joining the crew of the Black Pearl along with Diego, whom she often teased because of the Creole crewmember Marcella's obsession with him.

During the search for Shadow Gold, Carolina and Diego fought through the last battle and when it was over they were about to return to the Pearl when Timothy Hawk pointed out to Carolina that she could be a captain of one of the Spanish Royal Navy ships. She and Diego stole a galleon from the Spanish Armada and she became captain. She chose Diego as her first mate and Hawk's crew joined her. She decided to name the ship the Sparrow after her former captain.

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