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De la Vega galleon
Carrera de la Vega's ship
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Spanish Royal Navy


Carrera de la Vega

Notable crewmembers

Spanish Conquistadores
Spanish soldiers


Will Turner (as a prisoner)

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Several cannons


Attack on the Interceptor


Spanish Royal Navy

Behind the scenes
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The Legend of Jack Sparrow

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The Legend of Jack Sparrow

"A ship!"
"A galleon. On its way from the Spanish Main. They're approaching with oars.
Will Turner and Jack Sparrow[src]

Carrera de la Vega's ship was a Spanish Royal Navy galleon which sailed in the Caribbean during the first half of the 18th century. It was captained by a Spanish nobleman Don Carrera de la Vega.


"This is even better than taking a British ship. We've captured pirates."
Carrera de la Vega to his crew[src]

After they stole the HMS Interceptor, Will Turner and Jack Sparrow sailed to Tortuga to recruit a crew. During the journey, they encountered Carrera de la Vega's ship which was sailing from the Spanish Main. The Spanish ship opened fire on the Interceptor and Jack and Will were forcibly brought on the deck of the galleon. Carrera de la Vega was delighted to see that his men captured two pirates, but Jack and Will started a fight, during which they managed to break all of the ship's masts. Will managed to defeat Carrera de la Vega in a sword fight, but Jack escaped back to the Interceptor, leaving Will in the hands of the Spanish.



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