"Carruthers, isn't it? Enjoy your job, Mr. Carruthers?"
"Yes, sir. Particularly when the folks come up to visit the prisoners."
"Very good.
Weatherby Swann and Carruthers[src]

Carruthers was a guard stationed at Fort Charles' prison in Port Royal. He was most notably in service after the arrival of Lord Cutler Beckett of the East India Trading Company. From his accent it would appear that he is either Irish or of Irish descent.


Nothing is known of Carruthers' early life, except that he lived in the town of Port Royal and at some point became a Royal Marine, stationed at Fort Charles prison around 1729.
"Here now. He can't be here."
"I think you'll find that he can."
"Mr. Swann-"
"It's Governor, still. You think I wear this wig to keep my head warm?
―Carruthers and Weatherby Swann on Will Turner[src]

After Lord Cutler Beckett arrived at Port Royal, Carruthers was stationed at the prison during the incarceration of Elizabeth Swann. He attempted to stop William Turner and Governor Weatherby Swann from entering and also insisted that they should not enter, though he was overruled on both counts by Governor Swann. Swann also told the guard off for referring to him as 'mister' instead of Governor. Swann, while waiting for Turner and Elizabeth, asked Carruthers if he enjoyed his job, to which the marine replied that he did, especially when people came to visit the prisoners. Swann and Turner then left, leaving Carruthers with Elizabeth and the other prisoners.

Carruthers later helped Swann get his daughter Elizabeth out of her cell. His further fate is unknown.[2]

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